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Name: Squigs
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Name: Shintaro Kisaragi (same reincarnated)
Canon and Medium:
Kagerou Project --> IA Project (vocaloid songs); light novel/manga (title: Kagerou Daze); anime (title: Mekakucity Actors)

Age: 18 in canon; 21 in game
Pre-Incarnation Species: human;
Pre-Incarnation Appearance: image one; two;
Any Differences: n/a
Starting Location:
Las Vegas will be where he gets his first Echo, due to a trip; he lives in Locke, however

Pre-Incarnated History: please take this

Reincarnated History:
Growing up in Nevada, Shintaro did not have any siblings, but he lived close enough to his aunts, uncles, and their children that he ended up being like siblings with his cousins anyway. He was one of the oldest ones so on family get togethers or outings or just any other day he spent with them, he was the one in charge of looking out for the younger ones. He also lived close to his grandparents and helped them out at their family store on some days. He was close to his relatives and had a large network of people around him growing up for that reason.

His grandparents, from Japan, liked to tell him and his cousins folktales from their culture to pass the time. Shintaro grew up to be interested in stories from older eras and about the relevance of some "fictions" to actual historical facts, events, and discoveries. He developed a fascination with archaeological documentaries and after graduating high school, moved out of his hometown to attend LCU to study archaeology and the connection between facts and supposedly fictional stories.

The first year of school goes without a hitch. He doesn't struggle too much in his classes, nothing too ridiculous happens in the months he spends in the city. He went home for the summer and came back to strange events occurring, but as he wasn't a number at the time, news about stuff like teenager terrorists seemed like something so far away. He second year was a bit more hectic, with gigantic snakes attacking the city at one point and other sprinklings of disasters happening. Still, he manages to finish the term without dying and returns to Vegas again to spend time with his family. It's there that he realizes stuff is happening her too, with water going berserk and a mob gathering in the middle of the city. A few days later, he'll run into a Numbered from Locke and gain his first Echo through the encounter.

First Echo:
He attends school in Locke, but while home in Vegas for the summer he comes across a boy attempting to shoot himself in the head (though it was a fake gun). He'll regain a memory from route 01, when he tries to stop Konoha from shooting himself.

Pre-Incarnation Personality:
Please take this.

For the past two years, Shintaro Kisaragi has been a teenage hikikomori. With a middle school education and an unhealthy addiction to the Internet, he appears to have little prospects for a bright or successful future ahead of him. In other words, he's a no-life loser. He also somehow happens to be the protagonist of the series.

Ever since he dropped out of high school two years ago, Shintaro has not left his house and spends all of his time logged on to his computer, trying to compose songs to upload to websites with high hopes that he will one day "go big" with his music, bringing an end to his life as a shut-in (also self proclaimed house guard) and starting life afresh. At least, that's what he says; in reality he hasn't managed to write a single song in the last two years. He's terribly addicted to the Internet and even admits that he could go without eating or sleeping for a few days but he absolutely must have his computer (and an Internet connection) or he will die. The only thing that succeeded to make him leave the house is the fact that his computer broke in an accident but, due to a multi-day holiday, he won't be able to get it delivered to his house for a couple days. Two days of an Internet-less life? The horror. (He is basically the exaggerated version of us.)

Needless to say, he hasn't interacted properly with a human being (with his mother and sister being the only exceptions) in a very long time and has horrible people skills. He stutters and slurs nervously when he tries to ask a store client where to find the computers in a department store, and then he assumes that one cold look means that the guy he just bumped into is going to cut him. Boys and girls, this is what happens when the "person" you interact with the most for roughly a year is one cheeky cybergirl who lives in your computer and talks about uploading your embarrassing files to the Web.

But then again, it seems to be that Shintaro is easily frightened anyway, lack of social interaction or scary looks aside. His fears range from being held hostage on his first day back in the world to high speeds (roller coasters) to Kido's glare or Kido in general. However, when stuck in the most dire situations, Shintaro's courage(?) activates and he becomes almost reckless. Despite shaking in fear and crying whenever the armed robbers' attention is on him, he's quick to calm down and find enough rationality to figure out a way to fight them. And he's confident when he does, an attitude he displays when he tells Kano that he can get them freed if only he had thirty seconds to do so. When Kano asks him how likely he is to succeed, he apologizes, eyes completely serious, and answers, "100%!" The badassery comes and goes; accidentally yelling at Kano and getting the robbers' attention for a second time makes him whimper pathetically again, and even after his plan succeeds and the gun that was fired at him misses, the fright from the gunshot makes him black out. Still, he has that shounen spirit inside him that rears its head when he sees Bad Things happening. It's that spirit that makes him glare at the robber that's holding him off the ground by his hair and yell, "Bastards like you should just rot in prison forever!"

Shintaro is a pretty big loser. He's apparently the butt of a lot of Kano's jokes. He's the target of all of Ene's pranks. Kido punches him around and Momo can't believe that she's related to such a pathetic moron. When dragged onto a roller coaster by Mary's enthusiasm, he gets motion sickness and throws up. When Mary takes him to an ice castle at the amusement park and freaks out because it's cold, he's the one she spills tea all over. He gets dragged into the haunted house by Kido and freaks out. When he's confused and anxious, he talks to his mom in his head, and he spews poetry about Coca Cola of all things. He's the butt monkey of the series, and watching him flail about and yell in confusion, he seems pretty cheerful and averagely intelligent but with some common sense -- The Only Normal One, perhaps?

Not really.

He actually happens to be a prodigy with an IQ of 168 who achieved high-level scores on the national mock exams in middle school and high school. He also had very little attachment to life or the world around him. Because he was so smart and could figure out the answer to everything, everything was easy. No test challenged him enough. No class compelled him enough. No video game was hard to beat and people were probably easy to read, too. Nothing interested him, and nothing held meaning to him. He detached himself from the people around him and watched boring days gone by -- a blurry life that came into focus for a brief time when he finds friendship in a not-bright but cheerful girl named Ayano who always smiled and wore a red scarf. But the higher you rise, the greater your fall. Shintaro withdraws himself further from the world following Ayano Tateyama's suicide, when he discovers that despite being a prodigy, he was unable to realize her suffering and had lost the only thing in his life that wasn't noise to him.

Shintaro has lived in isolation for the last two years as not to forget about Ayano as well as to hide from the guilt that he allowed her to die. He also can't find meaning in his life and waits for death, but he finds himself unable to actively seek it and writhes around in frustration at his inactiveness. What he wants is to turn back time, redo the past, find a route that'll take him to a destination that has her by his side -- but he knows that's impossible. He doesn't want to face the world outside, afraid of acknowledging a world without Ayano and coming into contact with others because he might forget her if he does, and he doesn't want that. Unable to go back or move forward, Shintaro floats around, an aimless, meaningless existence with little prospects for a bright or successful future.

Bonus: In some timelines, or at least in one specific timeline known as Route XX, Shintaro's state of depression over Ayano's death is stronger and more destructive. Part of it's because Ene pushed him too hard to get out of the house rather than ease him into opening up as she does in the other timelines, but regardless of the cause, in that Route he ends up reacting to her with hostility and ends up deleting her and therefore killing her, because she was an outsider trying to get him to forget Ayano and he resisted that fully and chose to be alone. However, realizing that he caused the death of another person, he is overcome with guilt and remorse and takes his own life. His emotional and mental stability differentiates greatly between timeloops. But it's assumed that most other timeloops don't go down this path because it's generally assumed that Ene is aware of the loops and retains her memories from each one, so she learns how to approach him over time.

Any differences?:
Removal of the Snake: Snake or no snake, this Shintaro will not have the exceptional memory skills he had in his past life. He'll still be fairly smart and good at remembering things anyway, but he won't have the photographic memory or the ability to remember everything

Stronger Emotional Stability: He grew up better at connecting with people and communicating his emotions in this life, and he also did not lose his closest friend in a terrible incident that leads him to blame himself for it. Details omitted, he's more open-hearted and comfortable with reaching out to people than his past self.

Hopeful?: A big factor in canon Shintaro's personality was his reluctance to hold hope. He was unable to look forward to tomorrow, weighed down by the guilt of his past, and even in moments when he felt like today could have a meaning, he was struck by self-doubt and uncertainty. This Shintaro doesn't struggle under the same weight, and he has careers he wants to pursue and the ability to think "tomorrow won't be so bad."

Although he doesn't completely awaken to it in most routes, Shintaro is a possessor of the ability to Burn Into the Eyes. Basically, it's memory retention, and it allows him to remember everything he sees. It's the reason why he's so smart; he can read a textbook once and remember everything. When fully activated, the power gives him the ability to remember every single timeline he has lived.

What kind of involvement would you like your character to have in Save the Earth?
I do not have any specific plans. I just wanted to play him in this setting again.


- Third Person:
In all honesty, he could go without drinking, but he didn't see the harm in indulging in some cheap but decent beer every once in a while. It was just a can, anyway, and on those nights he wasn't doing anything important. Just an episode of the show he was following or a Skype chat with one of the cousins back in Vegas. If he drank slowly enough, he could get through an essay or half of one without making it sound too stupid, anyway.

Today, after a nice steamy shower, he opens a can and sinks into his couch with a sigh. It had been a long, tiring three days driving back from Vegas, and he was seriously considering flying back the next time, as uncomfortable as those enclosed airplane cabins made him. It was shorter. It was less of a strain on his legs, cramped from being bent like that for so long. He couldn't deny that it gave him time to think, this time, though, driving on his own. The blue-haired kid who pretended to shoot himself in order to heal himself and protect his friends, the black-haired man in that "Echo" he got who tried to kill himself. And the weird number now stuck in his head and an entire Network of people he'll now be able to connect to.

What sort of sci-fi fantasy setting was this, suddenly? He knew about the Numbered (who didn't anymore?) but he never thought it would apply to him. As curious as he was about what he might find out, he also felt wary. The things he was introduced to it with were anything but pleasant.

He takes a large gulp of the drink, tilting his head back and lowering the can with a loud exhale. Delicious.

"... I hope that kid's doing okay."

- Network:
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