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NAME: Squigs
AGE: 21
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NAME: Mitsuru Kirijo
CANON: Persona 3 (FES)
AGE: 18
CANON POINT: post-canon, after the Answer

BACKGROUND:SMT wiki: Mitsuru Kirijo
SMT wiki: Persona 3 // FES
SMT wiki: Kirijo Group

Incentive »» "Some time of peace" would be one way to word the incentive Mitsuru will be offered. A year, maybe two, of nothing majorly horrible happening to disrupt her and her friends' daily lives, and especially not the return of the Dark Hour or Shadows. Although the mistake was her grandfather's, Mitsuru inherited her father's guilt and sense of responsibility for the disaster the Kirijo Group caused, and after coming to care so much about the members of SEES, she especially feels for that last bit of normalcy they may have lost upon agreeing to take part in the team's activities. After canon, she even has the youngest member, an 11 year old, promise to try to live "like a normal child," so it's evident that even after she stops completely blaming herself, she's still compelled to look after them and give back as much as she can.

Fit »» For Mitsuru, "some time of peace" is more than just time without major worries or headaches. That peace is the peace that they fought for for so long, and peace that their leader, their friend, and her father gave their life for. So that her friends can have time to think about themselves and where to go next in their lives, as the founder and president of SEES and heir of the Kirijo Group she would do anything. That said, with such an incentive, she would definitely agree to help, even if she wouldn't be completely convinced that Eudio could do it. If they can't, then she'll take the matter into her own hands, but if they could, that's all the better for her, so she'd take the chance. As competent as she is and as used to acting social for purely business-related motives, she hasn't really had friends until SEES (two years of Akihiko "Protein Junkie" Sanada and Shinjiro "the hobo" Aragaki hardly count), so things like holding hands, hugging, cuddling?? Totally not in her repertoire. She is, however, all about putting in effort so she will be proactively seeking to help Eudio with their cause, partially also to sate her curiosity about how this city gets energy from such a thing as physical contact. How does this work? If it's with somebody she can develop a mutual trust and comfort with, she may accept to endeavor in sexual relations as well.

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