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SERIES: Ace Attorney
CHRONOLOGY: Ace Attorney 5: Dual Destinies; the end of case 2 (April 19, 2027)
CLASS: hero(ic sidekick?)
HOUSING: Please place her with Wendy Corduroy from Gravity Falls if possible! I would like her to be in one of the bigger imPort cities, please.

Wiki article.

Trucy Wright is the assistant teenage girl sidekick character of Ace Attorney 4: Apollo Justice, following around the game's protagonist, Apollo Justice, as his superior during his first year at Wright Anything Agency. Her father, Phoenix Wright, is the third talent of the agency -- as of Trucy's canon point, he has won back his attorney badge and has returned to the court to take on what they call the "Dark Age of the Law."

Ace Attorney assistants are never quite ordinary, and Trucy is no exception. Before being adopted by Phoenix, her name was Trucy Enigmar, and her father was Shadi Enigmar, also known as Zak Gramarye of the famous magician group Troupe Gramarye. Her grandfather, Magnifi Gramarye, was the founder of the troupe. Although the troupe vanished with Magnifi's death, Shadi's disappearance, and the arrest of its third member, Valant Gramarye, Trucy inherited her family's love for magic and works at the Agency as a professional stage magician. One of her current main stages is at the Wonder Bar, where her Magic Panties and Mr Hat tricks are a huge hit.

In more ways than one, Trucy Wright is a girl stuck in her own special world. Friendly, energetic, and full of smiles, she's liked by generally everybody around her, but there's no denying that she's a little odd. Oblivious, naive, and constantly focused on her magic (even in the midst of a murder trial), she comes off acting younger than her age more often than not. She's got her head in the clouds, people would think. She's just daydreaming all the time about her magic tricks. However, Trucy isn't just daydreaming about her magical career all the time; underneath the cloud cuckoolander surface, this girl has a strong and sure will to live out life the way she wants to with the people she wants to -- no more losing people, no more being left behind by people, and without letting magic ruin her life like it broke her family apart.

Perfectly happy to joke around at any and all times -- even during murder investigations -- Trucy spends a majority of her screentime driving her partner, Apollo, up the wall. She has an obliviousness about her that makes itself known in mostly humor-based ways; she's completely clueless to how uncomfortable Apollo is about her talking about her panties and fails to explain to them that they're actually one of her magical tools and not a garment meant for wearing, even going as far as to call him out for not knowing better despite the fact that they only met less than hour prior. She doesn't quite stop talking about it even after Apollo finally snaps and tells her not to say the word panties so much. She's so easygoing she just moves at her own pace no matter what is going on around her, so while she does manage to get things done if she focuses on it, she never feels the need to behave as seriously about them as Apollo would like to or would like her to. In fact, the more seriously Apollo tries to go about his business, the more Trucy -- and on occasion, her father Phoenix -- will fool around and tease him, which is where her easygoing humor takes a turn for the joking, pranky, and slightly mean side. Apollo at least gets back at her about her weird clothes once in a while. This doesn't mean Trucy is incapable of being serious, however; when it comes down to it, she's quick to think and quick to act, calmly and efficiently managing to call for help when she was taken hostage in Dual Destinies. There isn't a lot that can ruffle her feathers.

While it's difficult to get her to focus and be serious about almost anything else, there are also times that she gets too focused on something. Trucy has a tendency to obsess over one thing and go on tangents about it, and those tend to be tangents about things that have nothing to do with what anybody else is talking about. Like plastic soup. And like boy bands she didn't know about until she met its leader who also happened to be a prosecutor and got charmed by him... after which she haggled her father into giving her fifteen years' worth of allowance in advance so she could buy all of the band's twelve albums and fifteen concert videos. But what holds her attention more than anything else -- what she is most single-minded about -- is magic.

There isn't a single thing in the more important to Trucy than her magical career, and there isn't a day when magic isn't on her mind. Her focus on it is to the point that she often loses sight of everything else and forgets that the world does not, actually, revolve around her and it. At one point she jumps to the conclusion that a police car appeared because of her stolen panties -- contrary to the fact that she hadn't reported them missing to anybody but her own father and Apollo -- because she had been so focused on them the whole morning leading up to that moment that she couldn't fathom the idea that there were things in the world other than her problems the police could be investigating. She's always eager and itching to do something magic related and takes every opportunity given to her to show off a trick or two. Is that unneeded evidence you've got there, Apollo? Let her toss it into her Panties and vanish it into the void for you. Are you giving her a gift? In they go too. Sometimes she just gets too focused and eager, like with everything else she latches on to, and there have been times when she damaged or destroyed things that were actually necessary, too. "Tear it up and put it back together" is still a trick that has to be perfected.

However, despite her obliviousness, Trucy is a highly perceptive girl. Part of it is a skill that she inherited -- members of the Gramarye family strong visual acuity that allows them to pick up the smallest of details in people. In practice, both Trucy and Apollo (actually her half brother on the Gramarye side) use their skills to perceive 'tension' and 'nervousness' in the body language of the clients they face in order to draw out more testimonies to keep the trial moving. She's also good at reading people in general, though, and on top of that she's sharp enough to understand her observations even if she doesn't always share them with people. She realized who her father was before she was told about it, and it was with these skills that she was able to help her other father, Phoenix, win at his poker games for all those years (she sat by him during big important games and advised him through them). Hers are necessarily skills for a magician, and that, and her own personal ability to connect with people, played crucial roles in her success as a magician and in keeping her and her father afloat financially.

Although her chattiness is what leads her into those tangents of hers, Trucy's skill at holding conversation is definitely a strength. It's important for her to be able to hold her audience's attention and interest, but this is something that comes to her almost naturally; she genuinely likes interacting with people, and the people she talks to pick up on her interest and are drawn to her. While Apollo keeps jumping out of his skin and getting nervous around every not-so-friendly person they run into, Trucy doesn't bat a single eyelash at Plum's threatening attitude or Eldoon's loud yelling, and in turn both of these people are put at ease and comforted by her, allowing Apollo to talk in turn talk to and get crucial information out of them. Plum, especially, happened to be the female head of a yakuza group, but that too was not enough to intimidate Trucy. She continued to be polite and friendly and even pretty interested in learning more about the woman's lifestyle, which lead Plum to warm up to her even more. Although most people -- including the members of the Kitaki family themselves -- could consider them "bad guys," Trucy doesn't abide by such universal standards.

That is to say, what most people could consider "bad" just isn't that bad to her, so long as they don't bring about a result she doesn't wish for. When we first see Trucy in the first case of Apollo Justice, it's when she hands Apollo a playing card that he uses as evidence, later revealed to be something forged by her father. Months later in the second case, she uses one of her magic tools Mr Hat to stage a hostage situation in order to halt the trial and explain to Apollo his own ability. We also find out that she had helped her father out with his poker games for the last seven years in order to maintain his no-losing streak, but considering her almost-superhuman ability it's easy to call it cheating. Objectively, Trucy is undoubtedly a good person, and she definitely wants the best for people and works hard to help whoever she can. But just as it does not bother her to befriend people who are viewed by society as criminals, in order to achieve the "good" results that she desires, she has no qualms about pulling moves that are "wrong" or even "bad." At the very least, legality is a matter for Phoenix and Apollo to worry about, not her. She believes that the end justifies all means, and her morals are more ambiguous than that of most people around her.

Perhaps this is because she is perfectly aware of where she stands in the world. Oblivious though she may act, she has shown time and time again that she understands everything around her that she considers important -- and that, in turn, shows us that at the tender age of fifteen, she has already decided what is important to her in her life. At the top of that list is her current father, Phoenix, and magic, and while Phoenix's friends and members of the Wright Anything Agency such as Apollo are definitely ranked as "important" in her, everything else -- like murder cases -- likely falls into a category of "miscellaneous." For Trucy, who lost her mother at an early age and watched her father struggle at the hands of her grandfather before the former disappeared and the latter died, the worst thing that could happen is to be abandoned again, and she carefully sets herself up to be able to avoid that pain again by keeping tight control over who she lets into her life to be able to abandon her in the first place. Phoenix was the only person who didn't abandon her, and he's the only person who hasn't abandoned her, and that to her means everything. At the same time, Trucy loves her father and loves her grandfather and loves the magic they left her, and she's determined to hold on to it and make it into what it was meant to be: something that makes people smile and be happy, instead of something that hurts people the way it tore apart her family. She's so determine, she practically has a plan to keep her entire life under her control -- right down to her very last moment, which she claims will be when she vanishes in the middle of an escape magic never to be found again.

Perception Amplification: in canon, Trucy has a keen sense of sight that allows her to pick up on people's subconscious ticks. Words, habits, twitches -- those are all information for reading, and it was her grandfather who used this hereditary skill to use for his magic career. Trucy is unable to perceive these informations as keenly as Magnifi or her half-brother Apollo, but she is still able to put the skill to use if she's focusing on it. In MOM, this sight of hers will be amped up; not only will she be able to pick up on these ticks as she's focusing on a single target, she'll be able to spot details in all of her surroundings and immediately identify them -- the only limitation is that these details have to be in motion or things that appear while she's watching. That is, she'll be able to accurately perceive things like the slight difference in speed and direction of multiple moving objects through space, and she'll notice if something that wasn't previously there appears on her watch, but her power will not help her won't pick up on stationary details like "slightly dustier surface than its surroundings" any more than she could have on her own. She's basically going to become a human motion detector, which leads us to her next power.

Perception Transfer: wherein, what she sees with her first ability can be communicated to other people, like data transfer between computers. It'll work almost like communicating visually through the nanites' mindlink, but instead of staring blankly at whatever Trucy is showing them the person receiving her "sight" will also pick up on the same details that her advanced perception is. A direction connection can only be established through contact, however, so it can only happen if she is physically close to and touching the person she's transferring to. She herself will be able to connect her sight to the nanite mindlink, so any visual information she sends through that will naturally be affected by what she's seeing and locking in on. Additionally, the visual transfer works similarly to telepathic communication, so through her even a legally blind person will be able to "see" as long as she's in contact with them and tuned into the ability.

Voice Changing: and now, completely unrelated to the above two, Trucy will be able to change her voice freely into that of people she knows. For example, because she spends so much time around Apollo Justice and Phoenix Wright in canon, she will be able to mimic their voice as naturally as just speaking in her own voice. The more she knows and has a person's voice memorized, the easier it will be, but she will not be able to just make up her own original voice. It has to be someone she's known. If she tried to imitate someone she's only spoken to once -- like a barista at some coffee shop she went to for the first time and only exchanged greetings with -- it's not impossible, but it will be extremely difficult and mostly inaccurate, fading away into Trucy's own voice after a few words.


Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls -- your attention, please!

[Today, from the communicator of one magician, speaks the voice of one dandy bastard. Hand to his spiffy top hat, handsome eyes narrowed, and spectacularly small mustache combed as always, Mr Hat gives his best smile to the audience on the other side of the camera. He'd bow if he had a movable spine, but there's no doubting his gentlemanliness. Just look at him, as aged looking as a tree of the forest! After waiting a second or two, he clacks his jaws together satisfactorily.]

Good, good... now, grab your calendars and mark the end of this month, the twenty-ninth, as booked! For you are all invited to the first ever magic show in this world by the one and only Trucy Wright! And I, her esteemed assistant, am Mr Hat. It is my delight to make your acquaintance.

[All that said, Mr Hat ducks out of the screen and is replaced by the girl he just spoke of. Trucy returns her top hat to her head with one hand and keeps her other hand still, holding... something. (It's a selfie stick, since she has no hired cameraman! A shame!) She smiles brightly while stepping back, carrying herself across what appears to be a bar and restaurant. In a few seconds, she climbs backwards up a short set of steps to end up on top of a small stage.]

The show will be held right here, the Bean There Grill, starting at seven o'clock! Come on and enjoy a night of good food -- the pasta here is fantastic and real -- good drinks, and magic to make you go 'wow'! I've got some new tricks to show, and I might be choosing a volunteer assistant from the crowd, so don't miss it!

[The feed ends with a bow from Trucy, the camera-on-a-stick accidentally tilting with her motions.]

The lady in the uniform didn't care that Trucy had an important show to put on tonight. She was polite and she smiled, but it was obvious from the way she did it that she wanted to get Trucy to her 'new residence' as soon as possible and get to her next job. There were other people arriving, apparently. Oh, and a war. For Trucy, that was the least of her worries. She needed to get home, and she needed to get home on time!

"Geez!" she huffs as she tosses the folder of papers down on the bed in 'her room.' She stomps around for a round or two, eyes scanning the empty walls and the furniture, and when she stops in the middle of the floor she continues to nobody in particular, "It's bad enough kidnapping an ordinary girl, but you've really got to think about who you choose. You have to make sure they aren't too busy!"

She just doesn't understand what they were thinking. Pulling people willy-nilly into their war plans and dumping them in such boring houses -- this was no place for a magician! Not as a (reserve) soldier, at least. She would be happy to put on shows to cheer up the poor people left to deal with a war in their countries, but that certainly didn't sound like what they wanted her to do. She stamps her foot on the floor one more time and spins around to face a mirror on one wall, jutting out her lower lip and scowling at her own reflection. Stuck in Florida with barely enough money to get her a bus ride out of the state, there was just no way for her to get back to California. Especially not, she thinks with a sigh, California of 2027. The calendar next to the mirror clearly reads 2016. February 2016. Back then, she hadn't even met her father yet. Not this one. If she had really slipped back in time, even if Daddy were in California he wouldn't know her.

Something cold and tingly starts to crawl up her legs, curling tightly around her stomach and almost reaching her heart -- and Trucy slaps her face once. It leaves her cheeks stinging, but she ignores it to take a deep, deep breath, and says to herself as she exhales, "I'm fine."

In her mind, she watches her red-clad best friend, her partner in crime (or justice?), and the way he always stretched his arms before a trial. He'd almost take out a guard with the way he exercised in the lobby like that, and he always announced to her proudly that he was ready, that he practiced his objections, too. And what he said he yelled to himself every day...

"I'm fine," she repeats, a little loudly. Then a third time, she says it the loudest, opening her mouth wide and expelling the air in her lungs to yell so the entire house could hear: "Trucy Wright is fine!"

Just one thing!

If possible I would like for Trucy to arrive with her arsenal of magician's tools. Mainly, I would like her to have her Magic Panties and Mr Hat doll. Trucy pulls a variety of objects out of those panties -- often things that are larger than they are, such as car tires and frozen chicken. She is also able to put things in there to store or simply vanish, as well, and does so with Apollo's unneeded evidence whenever he allows her to. Mr Hat is a wooden doll she somehow keeps hidden under her cape at all times and pulls out to perform her ventriloquy stunts. For kicks, if I could be allowed to have her have one (1) Steel Samurai action figure hidden in her Panties, that would be swell.

Her other tools are very ordinary things like knives and playing cards and the occasional cat, but they can be acquired in game, too, so I would like to focus on the above two.