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AGE: 18+!
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NAME: Killua Zoldyck
AGE: 13 years old
CANON: Hunter x Hunter
CANON POINT: end of the anime
CANON INFORMATION: Hunterpedia home // Killua Zoldyck // Zoldyck Family // Nen

PERSONALITY: Cheerful and friendly, but also playful and mischievous, Killua is the cheeky counterpart to the simple, pure-hearted protagonist of the series. As one of the most sharp-witted characters he utilizes his quick thinking for serious and non-serious situations; he's just as good at figuring out a way to defeat an enemy as he is at catching Gon off-guard and slamming a pie in his face. He even has a token cat face. He likes to have fun and make many choices based on it like taking the Hunter Exam because he thought it looked challenging, spending two hundred million Jenny (the currency) on snacks in two years, or selecting a pair of yo-yos as his weapon of choice. Even his decision to stay by Gon's side started off with interest: it seemed like it would be fun to hang out with another boy his age who could keep up with him in physical ability.

However, beneath that typical child-like attitude is a much more terrifying upbringing. As a son and heir of the infamous and legendary Zoldyck family, Killua's spent almost all of his childhood training to become a deadly assassin. He's talented, well-trained, and appropriately bloodthirsty and ruthless. Early on in canon he makes himself walk away from a game of steal-the-ball from Gon and Netero because if he had continued any longer, he would've tried to steal the ball even by killing Netero for it. Although he quit the assassination business when he left his home with Gon and the others, the bloodthirsty aura he gives off when enraged is enough to send a grown adult running for his life.

At the same time, Killua is kind and exceptionally loyal to his friends. His brother Illumi even considers his kindness a flaw that can drive him to his own demise. Indeed, Killua makes countless sacrifices for the friends who have won his loyalty. He goes against his survival instincts, stepping up against enemies he feels uncomfortable about or agreeing to plans he can't wholeheartedly say are worth the risk. His loyalty to Gon is especially strong, to the point that Killua is prone to losing control of his cool and his emotions when he thinks his friend is danger. He once tries to attempt a suicide mission to allow Gon to escape from Nobunaga, only to be stopped by Gon himself and surprised by an escape plan he wouldn't have thought of on his own.

For how strong he actually is, Killua was taught by his father and Illumi to only engage in fights that he had absolute certainty of winning, which means that he is extremely apt at judging the strength of others and what fights he can win and also at fighting smart. This upbringing has caused him to develop a fear of facing opponents that are stronger than him, and unlike many of the other characters of HunterxHunter who approach fights with the mentality of maybe I can win or I can win no matter what, Killua had a tendency to retreat from many of these fights. Biscuit Krueger explains to him that he has a tendency to compare his worst-condition-strength to his opponents' best-condition-strength and assume that it's an impossible fight. She goes as far as to say that this attitude about fighting will eventually lead him to abandon Gon and leave him for dead. Ultimately, Killua's determination and loyalty to Gon overcome this fear during a fight against an enemy Chimera Ant monster when Killua discovers a needle that Illumi planted in his head to control him subconsciously. Since removing it, Killua is able to gain full control over himself and fight without any reservations.

Killua doesn't tend to be unfriendly, but there are a few people who have his unwavering loyalty. Of them, however, his best friend Gon Freeces and his sister Alluka (as well as her alternate personality, Something) are at the very top of that list. Gon was his very first friend and Killua is extremely attached to the boy; any instances of him expressing that Killua may be as important to him as Gon is to Killua has Killua surprised, then embarrassed. Killua has no qualms about risking his life for Gon's sake, and more importantly to stay by Gon's side. Alluka is the youngest of the five Zoldyck siblings, but due to her incredible power of granting any wish at a price has been kept in isolation beneath their home by their parents. After escaping from Illumi's brainwashing Killua took her out of her captivity and vowed to protect her no matter what.

OH BOY. Let me try to keep this short. A blanket statement: as a character from HunterxHunter, super shonen characters galore, while Killua is considered a "weaker" and "inexperienced" child among the Hunter society of his world his physical abilities are still far superior to the "ordinary" people that we are familiar with. Those regular people also exist in his world, so he's highly aware of the fact and talk about not being ordinary pretty often. He was born super talented but also spend most of his childhood training to be an extremely skilled killer, so his physical abilities such as strength and speed far exceeds that of the regular John Doe. He fights with a yo-yo made from superalloys that weighs 50 kilograms -- two of them -- with unbelievable ease and he can push open stone doors that weigh over 60 tons. You know. Ordinary stuff. Other skills include...

Assassin skills. Killua is a member of the legendary Zoldyck family of assassins. He's also considered the most talented killer in the entire history of his family, to the point that he was supposed to take over as the head after his father despite only being the third son. Among the physical abilities he calls "basic" skills needed for assassination include his ability to turn his fingernails into a claw-like structure that allows him to tear through flesh and even rip out hearts.

Nen abilities. Nen is basically like chakra in the series Naruto. It's your life essence, your aura, whatever word you want to call it. Once you are able to control it, it can be used for upping your defense (taking less damage) or your offense (increasing strength), but nen also come in a variety of types depending on the user. There are six types, and Killua falls under a type known as "Transmuter" that allows him to change the properties of his aura. Killua has decided to use his Transmuter ability to change his aura into electricity and uses a variety of electricity-related skills.
Thunderpalm and Thunderbolt
These two are like the electric type Pokemon attacks of Killua's arsenal, and pretty self-explanatory. With Thunder Punch Thunderpalm, Killua is able to transfer electricity to his opponents through physical touch. With Thunderbolt, he is able to project a bolt of lightning from his hand from mid-air, allowing him a long-range ability.

Godspeed is Killua's Super Saiyan mode. He transmutes his aura into electricity and surges it throughout his body. This gives him an extreme speed boost and also zaps anybody who comes into him in this state. It's not a permanent state, though, and occasionally he will have to recharge himself by absorbing electricity once he runs out of electric aura. Godspeed allows him two extra abilities related to it.
Speed of Lightning or Quick Attack allows him to move at something close to the speed of light. It allows him to travel at extremely high speeds, which he can use for fast travel or to create or bridge a significant speed gap between himself and an opponent.

Whirlwind does not end battles except for the one time in canon that it did, but it's not a move for running away. With Whirlwind, Killua changes his aura into an electric field that allows him to bypass his nervous system and send orders from his brain straight to the body part he wants to use. It heightens his already incredible reflex, basically, but because it's an ability centered around his reaction and reflexes, it's one he can only use for intuitive tasks. In canon, he uses it to catch a swordfish aimed for his head that, with his normal reaction time, he would not have been able to stop before it stabbed through his brain.
>>One Yo-Yo.
Killua originally has two of these metal alloy yo-yos, but one of them got destroyed recently, so he now only has one. Even a single one conducts electricity well and weighs 50 kilograms.

>> Hunter License.
It will hold absolutely no value here, but it's a piece of identification from back home that proved his status as a professional Hunter.

As a professional Hunter, sometimes you will get called on to take part in certain missions. Killua's memory will be altered so that he has vague recollections of being assigned to such a mission, even if it might not make sense to him due to the current state of the Hunter Association (tl;dr, politics). He'll also have this unshakable certainty that his younger sister is fine, which will be important due to his promise to be by her side. He'll be under the impression that she's staying at a friend's home or something.

SAMPLE: test drive thread

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