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I have leftover stickers from when I made them for FanimeCon last year! I know there was interest from people who were on my Plurk when I was making them, and there was a lot of interest this time around, too, so here they are.

PLEASE NOTE: I still have to purchase envelopes and stamps for sending out the stickers and a PO box which I am NOT getting in the city I currently live in because I will be out of there in two weeks. I will not be sending anything out until early may (date TBD; I'll e-mail you when it's decided) MID MAY, SEE BELOW, so please keep that in mind! That being said, you do not have to pay me immediately.

Since I have yet to specify the shipping date, if you are nervous about paying before everything has been determined, feel free to send me an e-mail anyway to "reserve" a sticker noting that you want to pay at a later date. That is 100% cool!

EDITED TO ADD: My semester will be ending on May 15, Friday, and that's when I'll be moving out of the city, so everything will be shipped after that date! I am hoping to get them all sent out either on May 16th or, if I miss that Saturday, May 18th. Shipping method is, I'm putting your stickers in an envelope with a stamp and sending them that way, USPS. At that point, the first batch of PAID orders will be sent out, and any others will be sent out as I receive the payments. Again, you do not have to pay me immediately, but if you would like me to send out your stuff by the above date, please pay me by then! (updated 01:25 PM PST on May 06, 2015)

Pricing/Shipping & Payment Method
With a few exceptions (which will be marked below), all stickers are ONE (1) USD each.
Shipping, no matter whether you are domestic (in the US) or international, will be ONE (1) USD per order.
All payments are taken via PayPal.

How to Order!
You can send me an e-mail at with the subject "stickers" with the following information:
Your name, as well as which stickers you would like with canon name and character name, and in what quantity.
name: Squigs McSquigson
Persona 3: Minato(x1), Koromaru(x2)
Kagepro: Shintaro(x1), Momo(x1), Ene(x1)
ETA: I forgot to put this initially in the post, but please also include your MAILING ADDRESS since I will be sending you physical copies (naturally)! Of course, your privacy will be guaranteed and your information will only stay between us. (updated 02:40 PST on April 24, 2015)

If you have any more questions, please feel free to leave a COMMENT below, send me a PRIVATE MESSAGE, find me on PLURK@[ profile] squigstuff, or EMAIL me at the address above.

Find the stickers below! They're listed by canon in alphabetical order.
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