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Drabble #7

The first thing Miles did was fall in the river in his haste to cross it. Ken's reaction was to laugh -- a loud, hearty laugh neither of them had heard from him in decades -- and hold out a hand to pull his partner out of the water. Neither of them let go of the other's hand when they were both on their feet again, standing in silence until Ken opened his mouth again.


It was nothing close to a proper greeting. Other people would have rehearsed for this moment, finding just the right words to express the joy of being reunited after ten years. But with Miles' right hand held tightly in his, feeling Miles' fingers wrapping around his for the first time since Castor was eighteen, Ken felt it was right to let the man's name roll off his tongue again. And Miles smiled then, his eyes crinkling though there were no more wrinkles on his face anymore, knowing that there had been nothing he desired more in the last ten years than to have Ken call his name once again.

A nonverbal response was perfectly all right for Ken, who was happy to have Miles step closer and into his eager embrace. It had been Miles who held Ken when they parted; now it was Ken's turn to wrap his arms around Miles as they were finally together again, on the other side of the river. Admittedly, he was a little bit delighted to find himself taller than his friend again in their current appearances, letting a silly grin slip on to his face as he squeezed Miles in his arms.

"I missed you so much."

Miles guessed that they must have gone back to being around fourteen, fifteen years old, as that was the last year before his height surpassed Ken's. Though neither of them really cared, Ken argued back at a mumble that technically, they still remembered everything from their lives after that year, so they were still eighty years old in spirit ("I'm eighty, too, because I've been alive here for ten years.") In the end they both shook their heads and Ken took Miles on a walk around their new -- and final -- home, a place that was so similar to the world they first met each other long long ago. But there were no frolicking electric mice here, or a pink-haired girl greeting them as they walked into the closest house. That was fine, they knew, because it just meant Romulus, Remus, and Clover were either still alive somewhere, or their home was somewhere else.

Ken asked Miles about Castor, who was as successful a defense attorney as Miles' father had once been; about Mandy, who was still the one keeping the house running even after almost forty years since she married their son; about Jack, who needed more time with them than either of them had been able to live long enough to give; about Kitty and Hunter, who would have to fight of the weight of their powers for the rest of their lives. Miles knew that Ken had been watching them and therefore knew the answers already, but he held Ken's hand in his and told him everything. It was to hear each other's voice. That was all that there was to it.

When they arrived at a pause in both the conversation and their walk, Ken pressed his hand against Miles' cheek, then drew a line with his finger across the skin that was no longer marred by scars. He leaned in to kiss Miles' eyelid which fluttered as the latter blinked, the eye underneath it no longer made from cold ceramic. He kissed Miles' right hand, too, and Miles showed off its mobility by entangling their fingers together, gripping tightly.

They pulled out a soccer ball from nowhere and played until they were satisfied with the functionality of Ken's two legs.

At night -- at least, it looked like night, but Ken explained that time passed however they wished it to, here -- they stretched out on the grass. Because they wished to see the moon, there was a moon glowing pearly white over their heads. Because they wished for it, there was not a single moment in which that light turned green.

When Castor arrived he also fell in the water. He looked frustrated by his short legs' inability to let him cross without getting soaked and the fact that he was once again too short to do more than grab at the hems of his parents' shirts. But it was not with the mournful uselessness he expressed before, knowing that there was nothing here that could harm them. He threw his arms around Ken's neck with a familiar cry of "Papa! Mama!" and proceeded to sob into his shirt, but he seemed fairly happy to be carried around by them after that.

He made a sour expression when Ken was too late to warn him about a berry, but it was all solved by some water and laughter. He refused to sleep unless he had Ken and Miles on either side of him, and while they were aware that he remembered everything about his life too, they were pleased to have a son they could actually pick up and play around with.

Castor was still tiny and smiling half happily, half sadly, as he approached his parents and announced, "Mandy will be here soon." He missed her dearly and went to see her nearly every day. But they all knew that it wasn't easy to know that a loved one's death was approaching. "Is Castor too tiny?"

Miles kissed the boy's head and told him he could be bigger if he wished to be, but Castor shook his head and replied that he was their baby until Kitty and Hunter needed a father on this side, too.