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Translation #3

At the same time ~ Dolce

Exactly what was going on in the restaurant. To say it was "wrecked" would have been just enough. A few of the tables were turned over, and a few of the chairs were destroyed.

"U-um, excuse me, everyone," the store owner opened his mouth with a troubled smile on his face. "I have faith. People, are creatures that can eventually reach an agreement." He was trying his best, but his voice was weak and quiet, and reached nobody's ears -- especially not those of the three men and woman moving about the store at full speed.

"Tomorrow morning, the sun might suddenly fail to rise. That is something we should be prepared for. However, even then, we have to keep moving toward the future, in case the sun does indeed rise." He spoke desperately, but nobody turned around. Even then, the owner continued. At this point, it was less to stop those people, and more to maintain his own sanity.

-- I hear you. I hear you, gramps.

Christopher answered quietly in his head and ducked under Sickle's leg as it flew right at him. Immediately, Graham's large wrench came flying down at his head.

-- But even if you tell me to stop, I don't think these guys'll settle down.

He dodged the attack by rolling sideways, and continued to think.


"Hey Sickle. I got it, I got it. I'll apologize so can you stop kicking?" He threw the voice at her as he rose to his feet, but Sickle leaped around with a blank expression as if intending to kick both Christopher and Graham at the same time.

"Shut up. I got it so let me kick you away at least once."

Christopher sighed deeply at Sickle as she spun her body gracefully. And laughed.

-- Hmm. This is a problem. I take back my last though.
-- As I thought, I'm having too much fun.
-- That's right. Fighting to the death is fun.
-- Maybe it's the thrill. Because I have this... I can experience how close death is.
-- It's so funny isn't it. Normally, killing for anything that isn't for food is nothing but unnatural.
-- I guess it's like how monkeys fight for leadership?

Blocking his friend's attack, and retaliating to his enemy, Graham, Christopher could definitely feel the definitely feeling of "death" lash out at him with every swing of that wrench. Every time it flew too close to his head, he felt himself shiver, and remembered that feeling from a year ago.


The red-haired man who defeated him so easily. All of that had been completely unplanned.

-- He's the sort of guy you call truly unnatural, really.


And he remembered, along with the sensation, the time when he nearly died after being stabbed by a smallfry he couldn't even remember the name of. The time he muttered, "I don't want to die." It was a past he wanted to forget, but it was definitely carved into him. And that memory had brought about a change in him that he didn't even expect.


Christopher pondered as he dodged the wrench attacks that flew at him with at unbelievable speeds. If he had his beloved gun-knife at hand, he would be able to make this man shut up. For ever. But he couldn't make himself desire to.

Even if he did have the fun -- would he be able to shoot a bullet into this man's brain? his heart? his stomach?

As he ducked under Sickle's kick, he answered himself.

-- Impossible, I guess.

Christopher was slightly surprised by what his own answer implied.

-- Aah, as I thought.

Even though it was so fun to fight.

-- Even though it's me I'm talking about... it's not a pleasant change.

Even though he can feel so alive every time death nearly grazed his cheek.

-- As I thought, I...

A child who stepped on ants without hesitation who grows up into an adult who somehow feels hesitation about killing any bug at all. Maybe it was that kind of change.


-- I... have become unable to kill people.


Christopher, who had once taken up assassination as a side job and killed tens of hundreds of people. Was the cause of this change the fact that he lost to a human? or the experience of nearly dying for the first time? or something else? In any case, the moment he came to that conclusion--

Christopher was smiling, mouth twisted as far as it would go, sharp eyes flashing, dodging the silver death that swung closer and closer to his head.

-- Isn't this exciting?

It was a one-sided situation in which he couldn't kill, but death came surely and steadily from his opponent's attacks, but there was something comfortable and satisfying filling up inside of Christopher.

-- This is exciting as it is!

"Haha..." He couldn't help but let out a laugh.

"Hahaha!" Graham, who was standing facing him, returned a laugh while moving wildly as well.

He too, seemed to be having some entertaining thoughts himself.

"... What's so funny?" Sickle alone had an unamused look on her face, glaring at the two of them one by one. She probably thought they were fooling around, laughing like this in the middle of a brawl.

In any case, the moment the three's movements stopped for the first time in a few minutes--


Some sort of lukewarm liquid was splashed on to all of them.