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Armin Arlert History

This is a wiki but I'm going to talk for you here too.
ALSO THERE IS NOTHING BRIEF ABOUT ATTACK ON TITAN. This is going to be in list mode because I'm a little too tired to make this sound smart.

Background Information: the History
- titans appeared in the world about one hundred years ago and started eating a bunch of people, nearly annihilating mankind, so in retaliation mankind decided to barricade themselves inside a kingdom protected by three stone walls
- the Walls are named, from outside to inside, Maria, Rose, and Sina.
- there is a "religion" that worships these walls and considers Maria, Rose, and Sina to be goddesses and they have a lot of secrets and they're kind of sketchy but they don't have a lot of credibility or power outside of Sina
- because people who live in Maria and Rose are too poor to indulge in luxuries like religion because they're too busy farming and stuff
- the Central Government forbade people from pursuing knowledge about the outside world in order to keep them from accidentally letting the titans inside in an attempt to go outside; the outside world became taboo

Before Breach of Maria ( ~ 845)
- Armin was born and raised in Shiganshina, which was right on the perimeter of Wall Maria (one of those nubby things that stuck out from the actual wall shown here). He lived with his parents and possibly his grandfather
- he was fascinated with the outside world that he read about in his grandfather's book
- but being small, physically weak, and a bookworm for the world outside got him called a heretic and beat up often
- his only friend, Eren, shared his fascination and he was also the person who had to save him from the bullies each time (and Mikasa, too, following 844)

Fall of Maria and After (845 ~ 847)
- the Colossal Titan (as it came to be called) kicked down the outer gate of Shiganshina and let the titans in. The Armored Titan also took down the inner wall that led into the land of Maria itself
- Armin fled into Wall Rose with his parents, where they became refugees with Eren (whose mother fell prey to titans) and Mikasa
- in the time between the fall of Shiganshina and the Government's decree to pull back human activity into Sina, 10,000 lives were lost; with the fall of Maria, 1/3 of the kingdom's land (mainly used for agriculture) was lost
- there was not enough food to feed all of the refugees as well as original residents of Rose and famine happened
--> 846
- refugees were sent to the wastelands to cultivate farmland to produce more food
- but it was not enough so some of them were sent out on a mission to "retake" the land of Maria. Soldiers and civilians combined, the number reached 250,000 (20% of the population); a little over 100 came back
- Armin's parents were among those who died during this "reconquest" which was just a way for the government to get rid of numbers they couldn't afford to feed
- it did alleviate the famine, though
- the next year in 847, Armin signs up for the military with Eren and Mikasa

Training Corps & Battle of Trost (847 ~ 850)

- Armin got top scores in theoretical classes, but overall he did not make it to the top ten when he graduated from the Training Corps; he decides to join the Scouting Legion with Eren and Mikasa
- titans break into the Wall Rose-Trost District the next day and soldiers are dispatched; Eren is eaten by a titan trying to save Armin
- the "Rogue Titan" appears and starts killing titans, helping the soldiers survive; after the battle, it turns out the titan was Eren
- that of course doesn't go well and Eren almost has to escape out into Maria but Armin managed to persuade Commander Pixis to trust him
- using Eren's titan-shifting powers, they manage to win Trost back from the titans and block the breach in
- because of the whole titan thing Eren gets locked up and put on trial, but the Scouting Legion takes him in and his life is spared temporarily

Sawney and Bean (850)
- they were two titans captured for research during Trost
- they were mysteriously slaughtered one day, launching investigations in the military as killing them took 3D Maneuvering Skills
- when their 3D Maneuver Gears were inspected, Amin notices that Annie Leonhardt submitted Marco Bodt's gear (Marco was a cadet who died during Trost)

57th Expedition and the Female Titan (850)

- the expedition happens a month after the 104th trainees joined the Scouting Legion; the goal is Shiganshina District
- the "Female Titan" appears and starts slaughtering the soldiers
- Armin realizes it is a shifter because he noticed it had intelligence and comes to the conclusion that the titan is Annie
- the Legion fails to capture the Female Titan, many soldiers are dead, and the mission is a failure
- Eren must be turned over to the Military Police and Commander Erwin's reputation is ruined

Stohess District (850)
- Armin reports to Erwin that he suspects Annie is the Female Titan and devises a plan to corner her in Stohess
- after a battle with Eren, Annie is not capture, but crystalizes herself and little is gained from it but Eren is no longer the biggest priority for the M.P.
- because it is discovered that there are titans standing inside of Wall Sina

Breach of Rose (850)
- and also because they receive the news that titans appeared inside Rose so they rush off to help with M.P. members coming along
- they meet up with other members of the 104th at a castle near Rose (Reiner, Bert, Connie, Christa, Ymir) and discover the wall is just fine

Colossal Titan and Armored Titan (850)
- Reiner Braun and Bertholdt Fubar reveal themselves to Eren that they are the Armored and Colossal Titans that broke down the walls and try to get Eren to come with them
- after a fight, they escape out of Wall Rose, taking Eren and Ymir (the Dancing Titan) with them
- after reinforcements of the Legion and M.P. arrive, they make chase; they try to reason with Reiner and Bert but end up fighting them as well as the other titans that approached
- they manage to get Eren back, but the costs were great

the Aftermath (850)

- out of the 100 soldiers that were dispatched to rescue Eren, only about 40 of them survived, only half of which were standing
- Ymir fled with Reiner and Bert
- Commander Eren lost his right arm to the titans
- Armin, along with Mikasa, Jean, Christa, Sasha, and Connie are assigned to Levi's squad to be on his special team and to protect Eren and Christa (who is the [illegitimate] heir of the family that heads that wall religion)
- it also becomes a theory that "titans may be born from humans" because Connie's village was destroyed but there was no sign of carnage and the number of titans killed in Rose matched the number of humans missing from his village; the one titan left in the village on Connie's house looked exactly like his mother