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CHARACTER NAME: Reina Yagami (Ulvida)
CHARACTER AGE: mid-teens! I estimate 14 or 15 years old.
SERIES: Inazuma Eleven (anime)
CHRONOLOGY: after season 2/the Aliea Academy arc
CLASS: anti-hero
HOUSING: I would love to have her placed somewhere in De Chima! She may end up moving anyway, but to start off I'd like her there.

In Inazuma Eleven, soccer makes the world go round. Maybe almost literally. Soccer is a way of life. Soccer, especially middle school soccer, is an important part of this world's culture, and there are many children who strive to dedicate their lives to the sport. Sometimes, kids fake their deaths over soccer-related stuff. Sometimes, it also makes adults with malicious intents go crazy with power and drag teenage children into the midst of their messes. The story of Ulvida is one of those.

Returning to Inazuma-cho in Tokyo after winning the national-level middle school soccer tournament, Football Frontier, the soccer players of Raimon Middle School are shocked to discover their school building utterly destroyed by the attacks of invading aliens from the planet of Aliea. These aliens call themselves Aliea Academy and declare that unless humans can defeat them with soccer, they will have no choice but to have their world taken over. Raimon and their captain Endou are enraged by this development and set out on the Inazuma Caravan in order to stop this alien invasion.

Ulvida is a member of Aliea Academy and vice captain of one of their "master rank" teams, Gaia. She, her team, and their captain Gran appear before Raimon for the first time at Yokato Middle School in Fukuoka Prefecture where they annihilate the Raimon team in a completely one-sided match. They return to Aliea as soon as the match is over, but not before Gran exhibits unusual concern for a Raimon player he knocked down with his hissatsu. Gran continues appear in front of Raimon from time to time after that, and Ulvida repeatedly confronts him to questions his intentions, suspecting that Gran's resolve as the captain of Gaia -- and later Genesis, the "chosen" ultimate team of Aliea Academy that all Aliea teams were competing with each other to become -- was swaying under the influence of Mamoru Endou's existence.

WARNING: major climatic spoilers for Inazuma Eleven season 2 beyond this point.
Before we continue to talk about what happens between Genesis and Raimon, it's time for some explanations.

It is later revealed that the aliens of Aliea Academy from the planet of Aliea are not, in fact, aliens. The children of Gemini Storm, Epsilon, Prominence, Diamond Dust, and Gaia are all orphaned human children who had their physical abilities enhanced by the powers of a meteorite, Aliea, that landed on the side of Mount Fuji five years previously. These enhancements were conducted as a part of the Genesis Project led by the researches working for Seijirou Kira, head of the Kira Financial Group. The soccer players of Gemini Storm and Epsilon were powered up by the meteor, while the players of Prominence, Diamond Dust, and Gaia trained against these children to increase their strength and ability. These super-powered soccer warriors were called "high-soldiers" by Kira Sr., and were the man's instruments for revenge.

Wait, you say? What? you ask? Yeah, me too.

Years before the discovery of the Aliea Meteorite and the beginning of the Genesis Project, Kira Sr. had a son named Hiroto who loved playing soccer. We say had, in past tense, because Hiroto Kira died overseas while abroad to play soccer. Due to the fact that a politician's son was involved in the death the truth was never revealed, and Kira Sr. fell into a severely depressed state. During this period, his daughter Hitomiko encouraged him to open a home for parentless children, the Sun Garden, and his new life with these orphans came to bring new light to Kira Sr.'s life. At least, that was until the meteorite landed on the side of Fuji and Kira Sr. became entranced by its powers. Up until the creation of the Genesis Project and the birth of what will later be called Aliea Academy, Ulvida was known as Reina Yagami, and she, along with Gran (Hiroto Kiyama) and the other members of Aliea's soccer teams, were residents of the Sun Garden. They loved their "father" and participated willingly in the Genesis experiments. Their greatest motivation for fighting and destroying schools through soccer was simply to answer to their Father's wishes and expectations. When their elder sister Hitomiko returned to Aliea as Raimon's coach, they stood up against her and their opponent without hesitation.

However, the Genesis will ultimately lose to Raimon. Although they pulled their strongest moves and even putting their own lives at risk, they are unable to defeat Endou and his soccer. Although Gran, who was slowly discovering that there was more purpose to soccer than just a method of destruction, Ulvida is especially upset about this because of her devotion to her father. However, she is pushed completely off the ledge when Kira Sr., in lamenting his choices for revenge and expressing regret for his actions, states that "the Genesis Project itself was a mistake." Ulvida interprets this as him rejecting their existence, love, and devotion, and attacks him in her rage. When Gran steps between Kira Sr. and her shoot and says that Kira Sr. is still his father despite everything he did, Ulvida also breaks down and admits that she feels the same way, too. Kira Sr. is arrested after this, and she along with the rest of Genesis are taken away by the police. Although she does not reappear in later seasons, she is shown in a flashback scene between Hiroto Kiyama and Ryuuji Midorikawa (the former captain of Gemini Storm, Reize) to be recovering from her ordeal and finally enjoying soccer with the other children.

The ace striker and vice captain of the Genesis, Ulvida, of Aliea Academy is a silent and merciless soccer ice queen. She does not say, let alone express herself, much, and at her initial appearance the only time she opens her mouth is to call to Gran while passing the ball to him. She constantly has her arms folded across her chest and stands with her body slightly turned away, and it can hardly be said that she acknowledged the Raimon team at all during the match. Her expression does not change much and she is constantly witnessed with a glare on her face during Aliea's attack. It isn't quite that she is emotionless; her tight control over how she carries herself is a reflection of how deeply her devotion to her father runs.

All of the children of Aliea are loyal to their father, Seijirou Kira, but Ulvida and Gran are the most vocal about it, repeatedly stating that they fight and must win "for Father's sake" in their match against Raimon. Ulvida is especially careful and on-edge regarding the success of Kira Sr.'s plans, even confronting Gran as she starts to notice little changes in his demeanor, specifically regarding how much attention he pays to Raimon's captain, Mamoru Endou. At Aliea, soccer was not a sport for fun; soccer was a weapon for taking control of the world for their father's sake, and anything that gets in the way of that was for them to annihilate. Suspecting that Gran's resolve may be swaying, or that Endou may become a weakness to him, she demands to know what Endou means to him but receives no clear answer. During the final battle with Raimon, when Kira Sr. puts her in charge of the team after Gran hesitates to release the Limiter (an action that would lead to the Genesis players potentially destroying their bodies with overexertion), she immediately accepts the order and begins to lead the team's counterattack. For Father's sake, she would sacrifice everything.

But even her strong loyalty to Kira Sr. is not completely unshakeable, and she is not unshakeable either. One of the greatest differences between her, the other Aliea children, and Gran was that Gran as special. Although Kira Sr. loved all of these children, Gran was the one who looked nearly identical to Kira Sr.'s late son, Hiroto, and was subsequently given the dead boy's name. Regardless of whether Ulvida and the others knew about Hiroto Kira or not, it's implied that they sensed a sort of favoritism for the boy by their father which resulted in not just friction between the Aliea children but also a conflict between their devotion to Father and the budding seeds of doubt that they mattered to him as much as Gran/Hiroto did. This was especially visible with Burn and Gazel from two other teams who join forces to usurp Gran when Gran's team, Gaia, is chosen to be the Genesis, but Ulvida has her moment at the end of Aliea as well. In a moment of weakness after losing to Raimon, she falls to her knees and says that she "wanted to win for Father's sake;" moments later, she rises to her feet in an outburst of rage as Kira Sr. admits that he had been blinded by power and now saw the Genesis Project as a "mistake." She curses at him for rejecting her and her siblings after all of their love and sacrifice for him, and attacks him with attacks him by kicking a soccer ball at him full force. The ball is caught by Gran who says he defended Kira Sr. because he still loved him as a father despite what he did, and Kira Sr., realizing how much pain he had caused for the children, steps in front of the injured Gran and tells Ulvida to shoot the ball again. However, she breaks down in tears and confesses that she cannot attack him, for he is like a father to her just as much. Gran may have been the one who inherited Hiroto's name and Kira Sr.'s love for his dead son, and she has no chance of even being a replacement, but she still loved him all the same and wanted him to love her too. In that moment of vulnerability, we see Ulvida's emotions for the first time.

That is not to say she has a completely negative relationship with Gran, though. In fact, out of all of the prominent members of Aliea Academy she might have had the most positive one. At Aliea, every child strived to become the strongest one who could answer to their father's wishes the best. They were taught not to trust anything but their own abilities, that they didn't need friends or teammates, and to defeat each other to prove their worth. Gran, Burn, and Gazel are constantly shown at odds with each other and the latter two even create a new team to take down the other when Gaia is chosen for Genesis. Gemini Storm and Epsilon were "exiled" from Aliea after their losses against Raimon, and always at the hands of another team. In their soccer, there was no love. But amidst all of this, Gran and Ulvida stayed by each other as the leaders of Gaia, and Ulvida is the only vice captain among any of the Aliea teams. She is also the only Aliea with a revealed hissatsu to not use any individual hissatsu -- although she bears the ace striker's number 10, her shooting hissatsu, including what she called Genesis' most powerful hissatsu, are multi-player moves, and this greatly contradicts the idea of Aliea as a group of children who learned soccer to become better than each other in the eyes of their father. Even in her outburst toward Kira Sr. after the match against Raimon, it can be noted that she uses the inclusive noun "we," indicating to not just herself but also to the other Aliea children who gave up five years of their life for Kira Sr.'s ambitions. She is also shown running around playing with the other children in flashbacks to her younger days as Reina, where her bright smile is almost unrecognizable from the stern frown she wears as Ulvida. Then again, the sad, gentle look she has after her father apologizes is just as different. Through cracks broken in the tough armor of Aliea's ice queen, we can see that there is a side to her that retained its love for the rest of her orphanage family.

Additionally, and the contrast between her alien persona and her smile when she returns to life as a human again tells volumes about the amount of effort she put into maintaining that tough personality. In season three of the show we are introduced to Ryuuji Midorikawa, whose cheerful, talkative attitude is so different from his lofty demeanor as the alien Reize that Raimon players couldn't help but comment on it. Despite her lack of actual appearance in that season, even by comparing her various expressions through the course of her life -- before Aliea, during Aliea, and after Aliea (1, 2, 3) -- we can see that Ulvida and Reina are another example of someone who put themselves through strenuous effort for the sake of fulfilling her father's ambitions.

I. the Aliea form (Genesis uniform)
The Genesis uniform is actually just a suit in canon, but it will be counted as a power here because of the way she will carry it. When "activated" and donned, the suit will double as a disguise so she may carry on the alien charade. Ulvida can put on the suit by a downward wave of her hand over the front of her body, which will trigger an aurora-like light washing over her body like a waterfall. The suit will appear in its wake, much like the transformation sequence of heroines in a magical girl show but without as much fanfare. When she wants to remove it, she can simply will it away and it will fade and be replaced by whatever she was wearing before.
the Limiter: Perhaps the most significant part of the Genesis uniform is the Limiter, which is a button she wears over her sternum, strapped to her torso by a tight belt. In Inazuma Eleven, Kira Sr. explains that humans unconsciously control their power to keep themselves from breaking their bodies, and that this limiter overrides that instinct and allows the user to push their body to the very limits of physical ability. When the limiter is released, Ulvida will be able to run at speeds beyond the normal human limit, her strength will increase by roughly tenfold (especially her kicks, because soccer), and her endurance will also be heightened, raising her resistance to both physical and magical damage (because soccer). This strength also comes at a price, however, in the form of major strain placed upon her body. She, Gran, and their teammate Wheeze writhe in pain after one hissatsu performed in this state, and prolonged physical exertion with the limiter released could damage her body beyond recovery.

II. Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis)
Ulvida's second, and only Porter-given, power is this one. With any sweeping motion (usually by her arm or leg), she will be able to conjure aurora-like projections that will function mostly as a defensive barrier, but can also be summoned in a blanket-like form. I will describe both of these separately.

Barrier Form: In this state, Northern Lights will keep intended targets from stepping through the sheet of light over to her side, working as a repellant. However, people she permits will be able to step through it from either side, or can attack enemies from "inside." The light itself cannot do any harm and is purely defensive in nature. This power is one that grows stronger with practice and experience! At the beginning, the barrier will be short and easy for larger people to reach over and will have the effect of a dog-fence at the most. It will also require some level of mental strength and concentration to maintain, especially at the beginning, and will be easily shattered by attacks that break the focus. That is, even if the barrier can withstand an attack, if she doesn't trust it to do so her will-strength will weaken and consequentially, so will the barrier. As she gains experience and grows to trust her power, she will be able to bring it to repel most attacks (this will be decided through plotting with other players, and it will not be an invulnerable power) as well as reach the height of some small buildings (around 2~3 floors high).

The barrier can also be "thrown" with practice, instead of being constrained to appearing right at her feet every time. Her initial distance will be a meager 5 to 10 feet, but I would like to set her maximum distance to something around 100 feet so she could use it to protect people even from a distance.

This version eats up energy with prolonged use. Without rest in her normal state she can keep it activated for about three hours. With the limiter released it will have little effect on the performance of the barrier itself, but Ulvida's heightened endurance will allow her to hold it for up to an hour longer. However, because of the limiter release her exhaustion afterwards will be greater and she will require at least six hours of rest (sleep) after that.

Blanket Form: Using the Lights in this form, she will find some comfort in its ability to "shut out" things from the outside. By putting her palms together and slowly pulling them apart, she will be able to "stretch" an aurora blanket between them and use it as a blanket over herself and others. It can hold up to four children or two adults, or two children and one adult. There is some leeway, depending on the size of the people and how they arrange themselves (note: it can hold only one Iron Bull from DA:I), but it is roughly to that size. Although not powerful, it can block out some outside elements like noise, temperatures, and airborne impurities (toxicity). While it won't help her stay warm in an environment like the Antarctic, it will help her from growing too cold or hot in anything ranging between 120 degrees to 15 degrees Fahrenheit. It's a security blanket, ok.

III. Hissatsu "Killer Techniques"
Soccer balls shrouded by fire, giving birth to things like Pegasus and phoenixes or even allowing a player to grow wings, is nothing new in the world of Inazuma Eleven. However, that is not the case in this world and will therefore be treated as a magical power here. Hissatsu are what make soccer different in Inazuma Eleven different from soccer elsewhere, something special, and even the protagonist Endou calls it Super-Dimensional Soccer in his next-episode announcements. As the midfielder and ace striker of Aliea, Ulvida's hissatsu are mostly attack based (shoots or offense), as opposed to defensive (defense and goalkeeper), and her most powerful attacks will require the help of other players. These hissatsu can also be performed in collaboration with non-Inazuma characters but will require them to have knowledge of the theory behind the attack, the physical ability to perform it, and for her to lead any of the attacks she participates in.
Supernova: This is a combination shoot hissatsu that requires three players. It is initiated by three players surrounding a still ball in a triangular formation while kneeling. The swift, synchronized movement of the players rising to their feet will cause a cloud of dark, fiery cosmic energy to surround the ball, which will rise into the air just as the players jump up. The players will then kick at the ball from a distance, and the energy from their kick will collide with the ball and shoot it forward like a fiery meteor hurdling through space toward the goal.

Space Penguin: Another three-person shoot hissatsu, this time with (you guessed it!) penguins. To perform this hissatsu, one player will dash forward with the ball while two more players will run up to flank them from behind. Once close to the goal, they will come to a halt and the second and third players will leap into the air at the first player's cue. The first player will then summon five penguins in astronaut-rocket suits from the ground, and the penguins are the ones that fly the ball up to the other players. The speed of the flight will shroud the ball in kinetic energy, which will be multiplied in strength as the airborne players kick it together toward the goal. Even if the ball is caught by a powerful goalkeeper hissatsu, the penguins that fly after it will add to the force of the shoot and help hammer it into the goal.

Astro Break: This one is not used by Ulvida in the anime but is a hissatsu she can learn in the games. This is her only individual shoot hissatsu, and it is activated kicking the ball so that it spins much like a basketball balanced on one finger. The centrifugal force of the spinning motion gathers purple space energy toward it until it becomes a powerful, glowing ball of light. The playerthen kicks the ball so that it speeds towards the goal like a purple kamehameha.

Meteor Shower: Another hissatsu learnable in game, this one is not a shoot hissatsu but an offensive dribble hissatsu. The player performs this one by backflipping and kicking the ball high into the air, then jumping up after to it follow up with a sort of overhead kick, except instead of kicking the ball longways across the field, they send it rocketing down towards opponent players below. The force of the kick turns into balls of light that split off like "meteors" and rain down on those opponents, knocking them out of the way for the player to get past.

Zigzag Spark: Another dribble hissatsu, this one involves the player stepping quickly from side to side. The motion of the fast steps causes friction between the player's feet and the ground, giving birth to static electric energy that can then be kicked toward an opponent to shock and temporarily immobilize them so the player can dribble past their defense. I really can't make this up.

Presto Turn: The last of Ulvida's hissatsu in-game will be another dribble hissatsu, and this one is basically a glorified feint. After juggling the ball a couple of times, the player will feign kicking the ball to one side, quickly dash in the opposite direction to distract the opponent, then just as quickly pass them on the other (first) side. This technique involves moving at such high speeds that it causes a surge of wind and dust that also blinds the opponent, preventing them from being able to respond quickly enough.

(There is a musebox thread here which will show how she acts around people she is comfortable around, but below is also a written sample for how she'll carry herself in MOM!)

[Ulvida doesn't enjoy showing her face on a public network so much, but after many times of being caught in the background of other people's videos she's starting to not see the point in trying. Today, she decides to stop trying. People will recognize her by her hair and the Genesis uniform anyway. There's also no real reason to be so secretive, considering how much a certain stupid redhaired someone had blabbered about and even made up stories about their alien existence. Sigh.

Pushing back any outward expressions of her irritation, Ulvida sets her communicator on the desk in front of her before sitting down neatly, straightening her posture, and reaching over to let the camera record.]

This is Ulvida, [she starts, like she's started all of her (very few) posts to the network. Her voice is clipped and unfriendly, just the way she likes it to be when playing the role of the Aliea alien.] It's been brought to my attention by the head of De Chima's main public library that there are a number of you [she narrows her eyes here in a sharp glare] who have decided to keep borrowed books beyond their "due date."

[A pause, to let that settle, then she resumes in the same voice.]

Return them immediately. You are already being fined, and I am not beyond bringing up all of your names and reading them out loud with my next announcement. The library closes at five this afternoon.

That is all. I will be waiting, and remember: We know who you are.

Despite all the threats and the glaring she did on the network, Ulvida while at the library does not exactly keep up the act. She sits behind the checkout desk at while working on homework, checking reservations and returns, and helping people when they bring her books to check out. She's fairly pleasant to all library users, and is especially gentle with younger children. She did consider being more consistent about her alien persona, but she didn't want to risk hurting the library's business because of her and Gran's charades. Besides, the head librarian was good to her and deserved no trouble.

That, however, doesn't mean that the imPorts she just addressed regarding their overdue books gets the same treatment. An offense is an offense, and she doesn't intend to let them get away with just a warning. To them, she was more than happy to put on the ice queen persona for and give them what they deserved. With a quiet huff of air, she thinks to herself that they had better bring the money to pay back their fees as well, and not just return the book they owed.

Just as she's thinking so, she's approached by someone who headed for her desk immediately upon entering the building. She thinks nothing of it initially; she declared that she knew the offenders' identities, but all that means is that she could check the list of owed books and figure out their names. She didn't remember too many imPorts' faces yet and doesn't recognize this one immediately either. What does change her attitude is when she scans the barcode attached to the book, reads the name that shows up on her computer screen, and identifies it, the title on the cover, and the list she'd been looking over earlier together. Then the sharp, frigid glare is back as she turns silently to the patron and allows a machine on her desk to print out their receipt.

Their receipt, which she places with a slap onto the desk between them and holds in place.

"It's late," she reminds the imPort in front of her in a low voice. "And you've been late for quite a few books, it seems. You have a fine of five dollars and seventy-five cents."

Are they sweating yet? They'd better be. She cocks an eyebrow up at them, waiting a moment to see if they'd get her hint. When they make no move to do anything, however, she decides she'll have to take this one more step. With her hand still on the receipt, she pulls her wheeled chair forward using her feet and leans over the table closer to them.

"Pay up, now."

I am so sorry for all the soccer bs.

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